Ahhhh It's that time of the year again: School!

That's right. Back to school once again. We welcome all new comers and veterian students who are now 8th Graders! Leadership has many amazing things to do this year. We can't wait to show you our amazing adventures!

Leadership and Adsideo

    Recently, the BMS Leadership class took a trip to Portland to help the community of Adsideo serve a meal and sweep sidewalks for the homeless, and beautify the town by removing graffiti. It was a great success, and very emotional. We documented the trip, and shard it with the school. I personally wish we could have stayed longer, and done more.
    Also, we learned the meaning of Adsideo, and why it is so important. The words stand for "To sit, stand, or be at one's side." In other words, we learned that we must go to homeless and people in pain to make a difference. Then we must reach out to the lonely and hopeless in our community and schools to show the true meaning of Adsideo.
    It is a wonderful, and many of the students bought shirts with this saying on their backs. I would also like to thank all the parents that helped in any way, weather it be donations, or chaperoning, it is all appreciated the in the same way. Thanks Parents!! 

Sock and Candy Bar Drive

The leadership class is having a Sock and Candy Bar Drive March 7th-18th. They are accepting lightly used socks and full sized candy bars (Please no mini candy bars or King Sized). Please bring in Socks that are long (No ankle socks).  The Items raised from the Drive will be transported to Portland with the Leadership Class ( For information read below). Your donations will be very appreciated.


Leadership Field Trip To Portland

Dear Parents and Guardians, 
    We are planning a leadership field trip to Portland to serve and evening meal to homeless people. The date of the trip will be Friday, April 8th and we will return Saturday the 9th. We would leave BMS after breakfast on Friday morning around 8:00 and possibly do a service project before we leaveBaker. Then we would be off to Portland where we would arrive at the Llyod Center at 3:00 p.m. If we have time we will stop at Multnomah Falls or the Cascade Locks Fish Hatchery for some free time excursions. In addition, we would add some quick rest stops and a lunch break. We will meet members from the Adsideo (trip organizers) group. We would park our cars free at Llyod Center and ride the free transit to downtown Portland. From there we would have a quick tour of Pioneer Square, then on to where we will serve a meal that we will help cook with the help of a group called the Sanctity of Hope. We will also being passing out socks and candy barsto the homeless at this point. After this, we will take the transit back to the Llyod Center, pick up our cars and go to a local community center for a Spaghetti Feed (our dinner). We will sleep at the community  and do a varity of activities there. We will wake up early for a pancake breakfast, then spending an hour removing graffiti in the neighborhood. All materials will be provided for us. The itnerary for Saturday is currently still in the works but would include the graffiti removal and a stop at the Portland Zoo. We hope tp return to BMS some time between 6:00pm and 7:00pm Saturday. We will require seven to nine chaperones to drive and help monitor students. Chaperones will need to drive vehicles with students and may the optionto spend the night with us in the provided housing or provide your own housing. No children other than BMS students can come on this trip. We know this eliminates some of you, but we feel it's best for safety reasons. Funding for this trip will come from the money raised or currently being raised by the students of the Leadership Class. Any students who don't want to or can't go on this trip won't be graded down. They will attend school as normal.

Objective: The students will gain a deeper understanding of poverty and how it affects people. They will journal observations and document their experiences and conclusions for a school wide presentation. Upon returning they will facilitate a video or assembly to share what they learned with the student body.

Compassion Project: Leadership students haved worked hard to "Lead by Example" and do the right thing even when nobody is looking. They have set goals to make a difference in their school, community, and world. This particular project is a combination of a student led assembly where students encouraged their peers to show compassion to each other. They addressed bullying, kindness, integrity, and reaching out to others.
    After this assembly one student came up with the idea of helping the homeless of our state. We serve once a week at the local Salvation Army but we really don't help too many homeless people in Baker City. So this particular student researched the topic and gave a presentation to our leadership class with a film. The group who so moved that we decided to pursue the student's idea and accomplished our third goal of making a differnce in our world.

Rules:  The students are going to create a poverty simulation during this forty-eight hour period. They will be allowed to wear on pair of clothes for two days. They will bring no technology (phones, ipods, etc.) They will eat only what is provided for them. They will wear no jewelry and carry no money. They will sleep on the floor with sleeping bags ( in a community center with Chaperones of course).  They will bring a pillow case or cloth shopping bag in place of a back pack and use this also as a pillow. They will exeperince first hand what a homeless person looks and smells like. They will take the time to reflect on what they exeperince, document on flip cameras and share it with their peers. Their hope ids to change the world and also themselves.

Trip Organizers: Will we work with a group called Adisideo out of Sellwood, Oregon to organize housing, two meals, and two service projects. This group has a history of working with schools on Compassion Projects. They will also provide additional Chaperones during all parts of our trip.

Travel: Parent Volunteers will drive and chaperone students. Parents will stay with students at all times along with additional Chaperones from the Adisideo program. This will put our number at two adults to every four students.

Meals: We are working with Jean Deab at the school district to provide two lunches for the trip. Snacks will be provided by parents.

Funding: The funding for this project comes from the student fundraising projects (Student Store). We will also depend on donations from parents to pay for the gas and transportation.